Cycle for Success


Use MyMoonCards to empower yourself about your cycle
for your health and well-being.

Start Tracking:
on the first day of your period.

From Period to Period:
Use the Cycle Cards to follow your own body language and learn how your body ebbs and flows with your cycle and what is normal for you during each phase of your cycle.

Track your changes with the
Moon Cards each day.

    Start Tracking:

    Determine a consistent time to monitor yourself daily.

    Refer to the PERIOD Red Cycle Card for information about your period.

    Examine yourself and compare your discoveries to the characteristics in the PERIOD Red Cycle Card.

    On the first day of your period:

    Find the Moon Card with the date for today.
    The first day of your period and
    mark a pink or red color box in today's Moon Card.

    During your period:

    Mark the first pink box if you are spotting before your red flow. Spotting or light flow could be pink, deep red
    or dark red.

    Mark the red box for your blood red flow.
    Mark the last pink box if you spot after your blood red flow.

    From day two to the end of your period:

    Examine yourself again and continue to compare yourself to the PERIOD Red Cycle Card.

    Find today's date on the next Moon Card.
    Mark the color box that reflects your body during your period.

    Prepare for after your period:

    Begin to review the next two Cycle Cards.
    The Blue Cards.

    Cycle Cards 

    Follow your cycle and your body with the Cycle Cards

    Click on the cycle card to see a larger version

    Use the Cycle Cards to learn more about the changes of your body. The Cycle Cards tell you:

    “What's going on" during each phase of the woman’s cycle. Each card gives you the name for a phase of the cycle, your cycle time, and the number of days that phase is to last. The Cycle Cards provide you with factual information about what signs to look for in your body each day.

    Your Body:

    The Glossary Card explains what areas of the body are involved in the woman’s cycle including your breasts, your uterus, cervix and flow, your vulva, ovaries, hormones and core temperature. It is best to check your body at the same time every day and compare what you find to the Cycle Cards.

    click to enlarge
    The Colors
    The colors in MyMoonCards represent cycle changes addressed by the Cycle Cards.

    Arrange your Cycle Cards to match your cycle:
    Follow the woman’s cycle phases and the colors in the Cycle Cards.

    From Period to Period

    Rotate through the Cycle Cards as your body changes:

    Read about each aspect of your cycle by rotating through the Cycle Cards as your body changes from one phase to the next phase of your cycle. Do not be alarmed if your body does not display all of the characteristics listed on each Cycle Card, instead use the cards as a guide to help you discover your own body’s response during each phase of your cycle.

    Length of phases:
    You will NOT change your Cycle Card every day. The Cycle Cards provide you with the average number of days for the different phases of the woman's cycle. Notice how many days your body spends on each Cycle Card.
    Moon Cards

    Use a new Moon Card every day to track the phases of your cycle

    By tracking your cycle, you can learn what you can expect from your body during each phase of your cycle and how to prepare for your changes.

    From period to period continue the same 3 steps daily:

    Find today's date on the next Moon Card.
    Examine yourself and compare your body with the Cycle Cards. Mark the color box in the Moon Card that reflects your body today.

    If your body is the same mark the same color box on the Moon Card. If your body has changed mark the box that correlates to your body.


    Red is for your PERIOD

    Period's last an average of 5 days. Look at the Red Cycle Card for more about your period.

    During your period:
    Mark a pink or red box in a new Moon Card every day.

    After your period:
    Notice the duration of your period phase by counting the days that you menstruate.

    From period to period:
    Discover the length of your cycle by counting dates from one period to the next.

    Blue is for water the

    This is the wet growing time of your cycle before ovulation. The variable time of the cycle. Variable means that each woman is different during this phase.

    Notice the changes in your body that reflects the AFTER PERIOD or BEFORE OVULATION Blue Cycle Cards and focus on the one that matches your body for the day.

    You may be on the Light Blue or the Dark Blue Stripe Cycle Card after your period ends. Read the section “ YOU and your cycle” to find out more about your cycle phases.

    Mark the Light Blue box in the Moon Card when you are dry "not wet yet" after your period.

    Mark the "wet" Dark Blue or Stripe box in the Moon Card as your fertility increases before your ovulation. And begin to review the next Cycle Card to become aware of your body’s future changes.

    Gold is for OVULATION

    The Gold Cycle Card explains the signs your body can have during ovulation, when you release your golden egg.

    The egg either stays in your body because it has been fertilized and wants to grow in your womb, or if it is NOT fertilized your egg quickly passes from your body one to two days after ovulation.

    Mark the Gold box when you ovulate.
    Review the next two cycle cards to learn about your changes after ovulating.

    Orange Brown is for AFTER OVULATION

    The Orange Brown Cycle Card is for that phase of your cycle when your womb waits for the fertilized egg.

    This is a stable phase of the cycle lasting ten days. Your womb will wait regardless of what has happened to the egg and after ten days your body changes again.

    Mark an Orange or Brown box in the Moon Card according to your body during this phase. Read the next two cycle cards to become aware of your changes before and during your period.

    Purple Green Lavender is for BEFORE your PERIOD

    The Purple Green Lavender Cycle Card is for the ability of women to change. This phase is also stable. It lasts from 2 to 5 days if there is no fertile egg to grow.

    Purple illustrates shifts in your hormones, like that transition time before your next period. Mark the Purple box in the Moon Card when you feel a shift in your hormones.

    Green represents your growth potential and lavender is for the end of the cycle.
    Mark the Green box for pregnancy and the Lavender box for your mucus before menstruation.

    Get ready for the next menstruation
    review the period cycle card.


    Record What You Discover:
    Mark the Moon Card according to what you discover about your body every day. If you cannot figure what color box to mark, continue to monitor yourself by comparing yourself with the Cycle Cards and begin a new cycle of tracking again on the first day of your next period. However if you are concerned about your body or your cycles please seek professional help and information. You will become more familiar with yourself and your body as you focus on your cycle, and you will learn from period to period how to best empower yourself to use your cycle for your health and well being.

    Page last updated:Wednesday, May 14, 2008